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I experimented with the Arduino using a ball-tilt switch to create my drumsticks. I performed an initial test by wiring the tilt switch directly to the breadboard. Upon turning the Arduino and breadboard sideways, I could turn an LED on and off.

Slightly tilted - ON

Slightly tilted – ON

90 degree tilt - OFF

90 degree tilt – OFF

For a more durable interface, I decided to solder the tilt switch to long lead wires and taped them to art pencils to act as the drum sticks.




First test using the drumsticks. I can tell that the concept is working, but it is somewhat difficult to accurately activate the tilt switch unless a precise motion is used.

I believe this is due to my tilt switches having 4 posts, so when I order additional switches from Amazon, I plan to order tilt switches with only 2 posts.


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