minesweeperpreviewPosed with the challenge to make a toy that will keep a child occupied for hours on end, we settled upon what we refer to as “Advanced Minesweeper”. As a board game borne from the depths of our childhood, the game will feature the following aspects:

  • REPLAYABILITY: With a randomized system of ‘mines’, no two rounds are ever the same.
  • STRATEGY: Teaches children to think creatively to win against their opponent.
  • EASY SET UP: With most of the components attached to the board, parents don’t need to worry about losing dozens of intricate pieces.

Minesweeper: Our game’s concept is based off minesweeper except now there is an opponent as opposed to single player. One now must sweep mines while also fighting your opponent.

-Checkers: Our game also draws from Checkers where your pieces eat the other opponent’s pieces and your pieces can level up.

-Electronic Battleship: The board game itself is going to be similar to this game board where your interactions trigger certain signals, lights, and audio.

Our system consists of a game board and game cubes:

Game Board – a plexiglass game board that is divided into a 10×10 grid. Each square in the grid is wired to an individual reed switch that can be activated by a game cube. (qty: 1)

Game Cubes – plastic game pieces that contain a magnet inside to activate a reed switch on the game board. (qty: 2)